Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cata spec stuff.

With the new change to Blessing of the Grove (Teir 1 resto), it doesn't affect our shreds or mangles anymore, giving us yet another two points to put into something cool. Let's look where we can put points into in the feral tree first:

Tier 1
Feral Swiftness - Not a direct DPS increase, but one in theory. In a big movement fight, getting there 30% faster is a huge bonus over other people. Definitely get two points in this.

Furor - Not really a DPS increase unless you're going to be powershifting (the act of switching out of catform and back in to break snares like Roots or Frost Nova). Optional talent.

Preditory Strikes - Marginal DPS increase, since we're going to be kitty leaping into fights and using Ravage as our first move. We'll get into that later. Get this, anyways.

Tier 2

Infected Wounds - No DPS increase for us, and bears should already have it. Don't get it.

Fury Swipes - Amazing talent. 15% chance to strike again for 200% damage. You're an idiot if you don't think this is good. Definite pick up.

Primal Fury - Crits giving two CP's? Yes please.

Feral Aggression - Increases the damage of Ferocious Bite by 10%. Really good talent to get in conjunction with Nom Nom Nom.

Tier 3

King of the Jungle - Yes. Works the same way as it does now, so it's amazing and everyone should get it.

Feral Charge - Yes, more time on boss = more DPS

Stampede - Yes. Great opener, Plus on movement fights you can use it for a free attack!!!

Thick Hide - Bear talent.

Tier 4

Leader of the Pack - Good if you don't have another bear or Fury warrior, but it's a good idea to get it just in case.

Brutal Impact - I don't think this would be good for PvE, for PvP it would be great.

Nurturing Instinct - Great dump for free points. More healing done to you? Yes please.

Tier 5

Primal Madness - TF and Berserk now give +20 more energy AND add +20 to current energy. Mini-King of the Jungle. Yes.

Survival Instincts - Good for bears, good for staying alive. It all depends on what you feel like doing. If you have some extra points, it would be a bad idea.

Endless Carnage - Increases Rake duration by 6 seconds and Savage Roar by 8. Great Scott!

Natural Reaction - Bear talents

Tier 6

Nom Nom Nom - Our new Execute. This is going to be amazing for raiding. I'm going to get this without a doubt. Combined with Feral Aggression and FB Glyph. mmmm

Rend and Tear - Works the same way it does today. Get it.

Pulverize - Bear talent.

Tier 7

Berserk - Don't get it. It's a bad talent. He says sarcastically.

Alright, since we're done that now. This is what my tree looks like:

Notice how I have 6 points left? Where do we put that? Balance is for spells, and we aren't spellkitties, so what's in resto?

Natural Shapeshifter - Reduces mana cost of shapeshifting by 20%. Not good on it's own, but it leads to master Shapeshifter, which is great.

Heart of the Wild - Increases attack power in kitty form by 10%. Yummy.

Master Shapeshifter - Increases kitty crit by 4%. Same as it is now, so get it.

So, now we have no points left, and this is what we should be looking at for level 85.

For level 80, for patch 4.0.1, we should be using something like this:

With Master Shapeshifer at 81 and the rest filling out during leveling.

I'm working on Glyphs right now but it's hard to do the timing and tell "This is good and this isn't good." It's all based on skill & I'm trying to get an entire view for everyone to use. Good and bad.


  1. I would go with this spec:

    I chose to take only 1 point in Pred. Strikes because we will most likely be at 70%+ crit raidbuffed. I decided to spend that point in SI, since, well - it's an awesome "OSHIT" button to pop.

    I also took the 2 points from NS into Nurt. Instincts since 20% healing done to you is better when shapeshifting is so cheap anyway. I might put the points into Brutal Impact instead, although I haven't decided on that yet.

  2. It's personal choice, really. I'm just trying to go for something that I know I can work with. We have three rogues in my guild, and we always have solid healers, so I don't really need to pick up any interrupt abilities, or +healing ones right away.

    I've never really gone with SI for raiding, and I have a weird outlook on it. If you need to use it as DPS, then you're probably fucked and you need to re-look at what you're doing. Personal choice, again, but some people that might be new to raiding or to cats might want to pick it up just in case.

  3. Ok, I'll confess. I did choose the lesser of two evils.
    I mean - there's no DPS increasing talents left, so I figured I could use the points to boost my survivability.

    Considering there's only one boss out of 13 right now that needs interrupting, Brutal Impact is not really the talent to go for.

    I did consider Infected Wounds, but it's probably something any tank would take anyhow - which means I'm not the only one with the same debuff.