Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Blog and Kitties & Cataclysm

Hello fellow kitties. Or maybe bears. Or trees.... or chickens...

I had an absurd idea the other night that I should make a blog about kitties and teach other kitties, or rather, help them on their way, to being the most awesomest. I'd love ideas about what to write about, and probably most of them are going to be about Cataclysm and the changes for kitties come launch. Fortunately, I'm on the beta, and I thought I'd hit the ground running with simple changes and things you're going to see right away once the patch launches, and maybe later we'll get into hard numbers and silly things like that.

So let's get right into it!

Pretend 4.0 just hit. It's Tuesday afternoon and you log into your kitty. What's the first thing you're going to see? Well, rather, notice?

All our ArP is gone and it's been changed into other things. What other things you might ask? Well, let's just jump into gems for now. All +20 ArP gems are being changed into +20 Crit Rating gems, same with +34's. What's that mean? Well, this:

Silly isn't it? 70% crit in human form unbuffed. That means we're going to be white crit capped against bosses without any buffs in cat form. That means we have to change that, because that's just not going to do, right? But wait, since ArP is gone, that doesn't leave a lot of choices, does it? Well no, and let's look at our choices and what they will mean for us.

We can choose from Agility, Strength, Haste and Crit. That's the four things we'd be gemming for, considering you're already Expertise and Hit capped, but we'll get into that later. Let's look at just those four base things at level 80 first. We'll get into level 85 stats and conversions later, don't worry!

Agility - Gives 2 AP per point, and 0.0129744% crit per point.

Strength - 2 AP per point and nothing else.

Haste - 1% haste rating = 1% faster energy regeneration, 1% faster melee attacks and more Omen of Clarity procs.

Crit - 1 Crit Rating = 0.022% Crit

So, the patch just hit and we're at crit cap without buffs, we have to fix that, because that definitely isn't optimal, but which stat to we choose?

Haste seems to be the most promising. Why? Because it makes energy regeneration faster. What does that mean? Well, right now, feral and rogue energy regeneration is 10 energy per second, with 10% haste, that number would go to 11 per second. With 50%, 15 energy per second. See where I'm going? Let's use an example;

If we have 100 energy and we use shred, which currently costs 42 energy, in 10 seconds with no haste scaling, we regenerate 100 energy. That means we would have a total of 200 energy (kinda), so that would equal 4(.76) shreds. With an energy regeneration rate of 15 a second (50% haste) that would mean we regenerate 150 energy in 10 seconds, so we would have 250 energy, which means 5(.95) shreds. We get almost two more attacks worth of energy in the same time frame with lots of haste.

How much haste rating does it take to get to 50% haste? Well, 1639 rating at level 80. See where this gets a little tricky? Want to know how much you'd need at level 85? 6,400 rating. Yeah.

Thank god we get these in the first starting zones. I can't imagine what kind of things will drop for us in raids!

Yes, I did replace heroic DBW and War Token with these. They're just so good. They make me foam at the mouth.... maybe I should go get checked for rabies...

That's it for now kitties!

Next time, TALENTS!~